Brooksville Weight Loss: Ready for Swimsuit Season?

Nov 18, 2020

Summer is just round the corner. Soon enough it’s going to be hot and sunny – a perfect combo to enjoy some quality time on the beach. The question is – is your body ready for swimsuit season? If you slept through winter time and still have some work to do before you can jump in your bikini – don’t despair. Our Brooksville Weight Loss specialist can help you get in shape in no time.

1. Fasting is NOT a good way to go.

In fact, it’s one of the worst strategies you can apply if you want to quickly lose some weight. People think the best way to lose weight is to stop eating. Wrong! Reducing the amount of food you normally eat to minimum will only slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight instead of losing it. Instead of drastically limiting your daily intake of calories, try to eat 4 or 5 small portions of food regularly. That way you will avoid your blood-sugar levels dropping too low which can lead to sudden temptations and cravings.

2. Forget about slimming agents.

Our Brooksville Weight Loss specialist warns: slimming agents do NOT work. They were designed to slim down one thing only – your wallet. Not only will they not help you lose weight in any way, but they can actually put your health in danger. If you want to lose weight, think smart, eat healthy and exercise regularly. That’s your best way to go.

3. Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day.

Everyone keeps talking about drinking water. But can it really help you lose weight? Actually, yes, it can. Water cleanses your body of toxins which accumulate in your body and make you put on weight. It also fills you up so you are less prone to binge or indulge your big meal portions. It is also rich in minerals that you lose during exercise so it’s very important to stay hydrated on your way to your dream weight.

We are happy to let you know that Batista Weight Loss is here to help you achieve your dream swimsuit body. Our experienced registered dietitian is available for consultation – contact us and make an appointment today. The beach awaits!