Why is having a customized weight loss plan important?

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Dieting is undeniably difficult. Not simply because of the hardship related to denying yourself your favorite food and habits, but also because finding out what works for your body and mind the best is a long, painstaking process. You might be a person that experiences optimal results from fasting, or maybe you respond best to… Read more »

Weight loss over the Holiday Season? YES!

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When we think “ December Holidays” we think “family”, “turkey”, “chocolates”, “eggnog” and “naps”. Then, on the morning of that dreaded first-day-back, we are all surprised to find out that these indulgent Holiday rituals made us struggle to fit into the cute trousers… AGAIN. Because it happens every year. The amazing waistline we want to… Read more »

The dangers of ‘Christmas Diets’

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It’s finally that time of year again. You can feel the magic in the air. Everyone is swept away with the anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year. You spend most of your time preparing for that special couple of days. Putting up your Christmas lights, decorating the Tree, planning the Christmas dinner…… Read more »