Gluten-free diet: all you need to know about gluten

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Recently, many diets have become incredibly popular due to more overall interest in nutrition and celebrity endorsements. Most diets are not newly invented, they were adopted by many people for medical, or sport performance reasons, rather than aesthetic. That includes a gluten-free diet. It has been an interest of many scientists for a long time… Read more »

Drinking Lemon Water: The Pros

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There are so many weight loss strategy trends floating around the internet that it is almost impossible to try all of them. And even though there are testimonials stating how good each one of them is, we are still unable to believe that all of them are the miraculous techniques that will “definitely!” make you… Read more »

13 benefits of losing weight you never thought of! Part 2.

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It is high time to reveal several more amazing benefits of shredding pounds!   5. Weight loss will make you smarter! Slimmer body, smarter brain? Very probable! A fairly recent piece of research found some indications that weight problems – including underweight, overweight, and obesity – in midlife increase the risk of dementia in one’s… Read more »

Healthy dessert ideas

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Have a sweet tooth? We can definitely relate! Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to give up dessert altogether. There is still a limitless number of healthy options to choose from, depending on your preference and current cravings. We always put emphasis on the importance of developing a maintainable lifestyle and eating habits… Read more »

Brooksville Weight Loss: Ready for Swimsuit Season?

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Brooksville Weight Loss: Ready for Swimsuit Season? Summer is just round the corner. Soon enough it’s going to be hot and sunny – a perfect combo to enjoy some quality time on the beach. The question is – is your body ready for swimsuit season? If you slept through winter time and still have some… Read more »