Meet Our Team

Our Weight Loss Experts

We are a Doctor and Dietitian driven team to ensure your success to reach your weight loss goals at our Weight Loss Clinic in Spring Hill. We have over 50 years of weight loss experience combined and are dedicated to meet YOUR needs!


Owner & Registered Dietitian 

Susan is a Spring Hill Dietitian with over 20 years’ experience in helping patients meet their weight loss goals. She believes that everyone is unique – with their own dietary requirements – which is why she works with each patient individually, creating their own customized program. Susan’s passion for healthy living is also evident in her own life with her constant drive for a wholesome diet, active lifestyle and overall positivity.


Weight Loss Expert

Dr. Batista specializes in internal Medicine and works in tandem with the Spring Hill dietitian to assist you with your weight loss goals. Having an onsite physician enables Batista Weight Loss Hernando County to provide more clinically developed weight loss programs, adding the possibility of blood work analysis, as well as prescription supplements.


 Weight Loss Expert

Stephanie was born and raised in Florida. A mother of 4 and grandmother to 1, she has an amazing husband. She is all about family. She loves being active – boating, swimming, spin class. Being someone who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and struggles with her own weight, she has made it her passion to help others become healthier. Having people reach their goals is what’s important to her, whether it’s her children’s goals or a patient’s goal: This is what makes her happy.